Different Fountains began as a side project based in Brussels, where Michael Langeder (AT) and Bernardo Risquez (VEN) rented an abandoned industrial building which they use as a recording and performing cruise ship. They first met in Caracas, Venezuela in 2006 where they both studied at the Faculty for Architecture and Urban Design. Their mutual interest for architecture and sound is intertwined in their artistic practice. In 2010 they released their first EP as a limited CD-R edition and coined the terms ‘soulcore junkpop’ to describe their sound. Coherence in diversity – they made a point of having each piece sound as different as possible. For their live performances they often experiment with unconventional setups using body projections, dancers or nothing at all. “Almost everything” was the proclaimed title of their 2011 live shows featuring occasional dance appearances of Siet Raeymaekers as Madame May. “The Absolute End” is the second release on Different Fountains Editions followed by a 7″ single in early 2012. Their debut album ‘Shrimp That Sleeps’ was released in collaboration with the meakusma imprint in late 2014 preceded by a series of bespoke EP’s on their DFE label including remixes by Karen Gwyer, Madteo, Bepotel and Sagat.
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2016-Oct-21, Spain, Madrid, Siroco / Live-Set
2016-Oct-14, Spain, Barcelona, Naima at Razzmatazz / Live-Set
2016-Sep-25, Belgium, Eupen, Meakusma Festival / Live-Set (performing ‘Vexations’ by Erik Satie)
2016-Sep-03, Belgium, Brussels, Hypercorps Gallery / Live-Set
2016-Jun-04, Germany, Kleestadt, Airbag Craftworks Lagerabverkauf / Live-Set
2016-May-14, United Kingdom, London, NTS (BRAV) / Live-Set (audio)
2016-May-13, United Kingdom, London, Rye Wax / DJ-Set
2016-May-04, Belgium, Brussels, Fuse / Deep in House (Chill Out Room DJ Set)
2016-Jan-31, Belgium, Brussels, Ancienne Belgique / The Sound of the Belgian Underground
2015-Nov-07, Belgium, Antwerp, Projector at Het Bos (with Ssaliva, Oaktree, Lichtraum and Ninjato) flyer
2015-May-29, Canada, Montreal, Mutek
2015-Apr-25, Belgium, Brussels, Art Brussels (with Musique Chienne and Bright Entity)
2015-Mar-09, France, Paris, Galerie Sator (Wilfried Lantoine)
2014-Oct-30, Belgium, Brussels, Beursschouwburg (opening for Peaking Lights)
2014-Oct-16, Belgium, Antwerp, TRIXTRAX
2014-Sep-27, Belgium, Gent, Stroom flyer
2014-Aug-30, Belgium, Eupen, Foyer-meakusma (with Ignatz, Bare Bones Lay Low, Sagat and DJ Sensu) flyer
2014-Aug-07, USA, New York, Deep Trubble at Your-Jaws (with Georgia and friends) flyer
2014-Apr-19, Belgium, Antwerp, Bar Leon
2014-Apr-05, Belgium, Brussels, Les Ateliers Claus flyer
2013-Dec-07, Belgium, Gent, Charlatan (with Pruikduif and Elmer) flyer
2013-Nov-23, Belgium, Brussels, London Calling flyer
2013-Nov-10, Belgium, Gent, Minor Swing flyer
2013-Jul-06, Belgium, Aubange, Wave Festival flyer
2013-Jun-30, Belgium, Brussels, BEP.DF.BBQ flyer
2012-Oct-26, Belgium, Brussels, Etablissement d’En Face flyer
2012-Apr-08, Belgium, Brussels, Floor 19
2012-Mar-30, US, Los Angeles, Bootleg flyer
2012-Mar-15, US, New York, Legion flyer
2012-Mar-09, US, New York, Lit Lounge flyer
2012-Feb-25, Belgium, Brussels, Renold (with Bepotel, Pruikduif, Pinkmist and Siet Raeymaekers) flyer
2012-Jan-29, France, Paris, L’International
2012-Jan-26, France, Paris, Le Klub (with Siet Raeymaekers) flyer
2011-Dec-03, France, Paris, Spa (with Siet Raeymaekers) video
2011-Dec-03, France, Paris, Le Gambetta (with Siet Raeymaekers) flyer
2011-Abr-30, Austria, Vienna, Xpedit
2011-Apr-23, Belgium, Eupen, Alter Schlachthof / Meakusma (with Outpost 13 and Gwelmime) flyer
2010-Sep-11, Belgium, Ghent, Minor Swing
2010-Aug-07, Belgium, Brussels, Renold (with Toflang)
2010-Jul-02, Belgium, Brussels, Madame Moustache
2010-Apr-01, Belgium, Brussels, Cut Me flyer
2010-Mar-21, Belgium, Brussels, Floor 19 flyer
2010-Mar-18, Belgium, Ghent, Villa Drashoek flyer
2009-Dec-23, France, Paris, L’International flyer
2009-Dec-06, France, Paris, La Cigale (opening for Devendra Banhart) video