Label: Different Fountains Editions
Artist: Different Fountains
Title: Organism 5
Cat. No.: DFE012
Format: 12”

A1 – DC
B1 – Asia Iron TV

DISTRIBUTED by Crevette Distribution, Brussels
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Different Fountains started the Organism series back in 2015 with the captivating incantations of This Snake and That Snake, marking a new chapter for an outfit who have rarely adhered to one specific sonic strategy. Their previous EPs (all self-released) and their LP on local label Meakusma established the pairing of Michael Langeder and Bernardo Risquez as a multi-faceted outfit applying a hands-on, live dynamic to electronic music with fascina- ting results.

If the foundations were broad to begin with, the Organism series has thrown the Different Fountains sound even further out, leaping between tempos and tropes while retaining a certain mysticism that carries through from record to record. The Snake 12” was certainly enchanting, while Adam and Neve on Organism 2 plunged into somewhat murkier depths before the sparkling delights of Pool and Limbo Rift on Organism 3. The fourth and most recent installment was a head-spinning affair, the titular Corpse animated in all manner of ways using shards of old jungle, dub, house and psychedelia.

The one consistency that marks out this continually surprising series is rhythmic invention. At no point have the percussive lines felt familiar or formulaic, and the accompanying threads of melody big or small have danced in kind, flirting with the scuffed drum patterns as they stagger and sway around the inaudible metronome. It’s one of the qualities that makes this series so startling in its originality, and so it continues on this final chapter.

DC on the A-side harks back to melancholic braindance material with its nod to electro and other kinds of uptem- po machine funk, turning sizzling drum machine rhythms into a hypnotic patter that undulates around the heart-rending lead lines. 'Asia Iron TV' meanwhile adopts a broken beat stance around which shimmering chimes can cascade, the tumbling drums heading into a jazz fusion head space along with the keys as the track unfurls in a bout of progressive exploration. It’s an accomplished finale to a period of intrigue and experimentation for Langeder and Risquez, setting the scene perfectly for their impending second album later in 2017.

Please note this is the last release of the Organism Series! Back catalogue is now also available via Crevette Distribution.
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