'Bruecke, Schloss und Pyramide'
iron, concrete
domestic interventions for a painter
somewhere in Flanders, 2009-2012

After collaborating on two exhibitions at croxhaphox (gent) and buda (kortrijk) Jan Dheedene asked if i was up for making a sort of massive soccle in his living room that would unite a fireplace, a bookshelf and give shelter to his ancient TV set. Intrigued by the idea we watched together Michael Haneke's film adaption of Kafka's 'Das Schloss' and the day after started pouring 1 ton of cornet in the shape of a rectangular block. A year later Jan (and Marieke) where ready for the next step of slowly transforming their parents house into their own. The task this time was a shelf. Together with Steven Bosmans (with whom i worked at Office KGDVS at this time) we proposed a raw iron structure, reminiscent of a bridge, connecting one thing with another. Above the bridge a preussian blue hued painting of Jan should resonate with the object. In 2012 the first major exterior transformation should happen. We poured a 25m2 concrete surface with a fireplace-platform and added a spiral pyramid in the backyard of the garden, as a sort of lookout spot for his sheep. (to be continued)