Michael Langeder
Born in Austria, 1981
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium
'The Man Who Flew into Space...'
Linz, Austria, 2013
'Part Time Truth'
Paris, France, 2013
'Triangle Triptych'
facade drawings
Mol, Belgium, 2012
'Evidence of Facts Missing'
Installation, Photographs
Casablanca, Morocco, 2012
'A Short Term Eternity'
Brussels, 2011 / Paris, 2012
'The Big Fire That Never Happened'
Ghent, Belgium, 2009 / 2011
'The Absolute End'
Installation, live performance
Ghent, Belgium, 2010
'The Zorn Pieces'
Projections, Video
with Mattia Casalegno (IT)
Antwerp, Belgium, 2009
'Bruecke, Schloss und Pyramide'
domestic interventions, furniture
Belgium, 2009-2012
'On Vanishing'
audiovisual Installation
with Jaime Jackson (GB)
AMAZE Festival, Belgium, 2008